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updated at: 21/10/2018 - Zone Passo del Bernina
(Min-max altitude gap: 900-3350 m)

Lowest elevation of snow-covered terrain (m)
Freezing level
2850 m
snow depth at 2000 m
Wind at high elevations
new snowfall (-72 h) at 2000 m
snowfall forecast in the next +72 h at 2000 m
Mysnowmaps does NOT provide information about the avalanche hazard. Please refer to the avalanche bulletin from the proper regional office
Mysnowmaps provides an estimate of the natural snow depth present in the terrain, without any hint on artificial snow
Meteo storico nella zona: Passo del Bernina
Zone: Passo del Bernina
latest update: 21/10/2018
Wind at high
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  • very strong
  • Strong
  • moderate
  • weak
Snow depth
Fresh snowfall
2000 m
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Selected information in the zone: Passo del Bernina
Passo di Cassana
Alpe Schiazzera
Cima di Piazzi
  • Length: 9367 m
  • Difference in altitude: 1960 m
  • Ski grade: OS
  • Technical grade: F
Cima Orientale di Lago Spalmo
  • Length: 10682 m
  • Difference in altitude: 1500 m
  • Ski grade: OS
  • Technical grade: F